Abortion Essay

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Running head: ABORTION 1 ABORTION 2 Abortion Should Be Illegal The opinion of weather abortion should be legal or not has been a question for many years now. I believe that each opinion, weather its pro life or for abortion, has a good point and side to. Both sides make a very good argument as to why they believe and stand for what they do. The United States that I live in has made abortion legal. I am prolife. No matter the situation, abortion should never be an option much less legal. Abortion is wrong no matter how you look at it. Abortion I murder and should be made illegal. There are many reasons why people think that abortion should be legal and is legal in the United States today. The mother didn’t mean to get pregnant or she is not financially stable for a baby. There are couples out there in the world everyday that are trying desperately to have a baby and cannot. Why not have the baby and give it up for adoption? Another one is, the mother does not have health insurance to go to the doctors for checkups for the baby and throughout the pregnancy. There is a Department of Health and Human Resources, also referred to as DHHR, in every state. They have a medical card and financial assistance to help people who do not have insurance that are pregnant. Not having insurance is not an excuse for having an abortion. Not having money for food to help your baby grow healthy is not an excuse either. WIC also known as The Women, Infants, and Children’s program is another way to help support and feed the baby. “The Women, Infants and Children’s ABORTION

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