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Abortion An abortion is ending a pregnancy before the unborn child is able to live outside of his/her mother. If a woman was to have an abortion before reaching twenty-four weeks is considered a miscarriage; if the woman is beyond the twenty-four weeks then she is having an abortion to deliberately end her pregnancy. Women tend to get abortions due to lack of protection, not ready to be responsible for another human being or unfortunately the woman was raped and doesn’t want to have the rapiers child. Some who believe in abortion use it as a way of birth control and the others who don’t believe in abortion find it as murdering an unborn child. Abortion is a very emotional and personal circumstance to handle, but with anyone it has to be taken into careful consideration. When it comes to abortion it is broken down to two different groups; Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. The group that is for abortion is known as the pro-choice group, these group believes that is the mother’s decision to make and hers alone. The pro-choice group doesn’t believe that the government has the right to set a law saying what they can and cannot do with their unborn fetus. Pro-choice gives women the right to make their own decisions and not worry about hurting the beliefs of others in the process. This group allows men and women to make responsible decisions without having restrictions and other people’s opinions put into their decision making. A group in Georgetown state that “pro-choice means that we not only recognize a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion, but also the right to make that decision independently or with the help of those she trusts (Jacobson).” Many people do not know that celebrities for example have had abortions even though they don’t speak for what side they are on. A couple people who have had abortions are Sharon Osbourne, Whoopi Goldberg, Billi Jean King and

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