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ETHICS AND LAW NNI2202 (Reasons for abortion 2012,p,5) ABORTION Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy (induced labour). (Vaughn,2010).In other words it refers to the artificial/intentional termination of a pregnancy usually before the twentieth week.(Kerridge,I., Lowe M.,& McPhee,J,.2005) LATE ABORTION: It is the termination of pregnancy in its 3rd trimester, it refers to abortion done at 20 weeks or more of gestation period.(Geraghty,2012) In all religious faith and all other views abortion is not supported in the last stages of pregnancy unless there is a great danger to the mother.(Kerridge ,I.,Lowe,M.,&.,McPhee,J,2005) METHODS OF ABORTION They are two methods of induced abortion currently available in Australia Surgical abortion: It is safe and simple surgical procedure with a low risk of complications. This procedure uses gentle suctioning to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. This method is also used very often for pregnancies more than 12weeks. for abortion 2012,p in (Reasons of abortion,2012,p.22) * Medical abortion: It is when abortion is induced using medications. It has been recommended by experts as an effective and safe method of terminating early stage pregnancies. (Reasons for abortion,2012,p.35) Both Medical and Surgical have unique advantages and disadvantages. The method used depends on, among things, the women’s health and the length of her pregnancy. (Vaughn, 2010, p.255). Reasons for abortion According to the United nations 2011 the most commonly cited grounds on which abortion is permitted include: 1) To save the life of the mother. 2) To preserve her physical and / or

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