Abortion Essay

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Birth Control and Abortion Have you ever been able to see your dream right in front of you? That’s where I am right now. What I have worked for, academically and physically, is within my reach. Since I was a little kid my parents told me that if I want to become something in this world then I have to work extremely hard for it. My dad bounced a ball of my head since before I could walk. I grew up loving the game of basketball. Through the game of basketball I have learned many life lessons and one of those lessons is to never give up or let anything get in the way of your dream. This story illustrates how my dreams could have been taken away from me without me making my own choice. If government were to ever remove birth control, the morning after pill, or abortions it would take away kids opportunity to go to college, increase the amount of teen pregnancies, and allow for more children to be brought up in poverty. I am an 18-year-old high-school basketball player projected to be a top 15 player in this year’s division one recruiting class. I have come from a family that has always had troubles financially and if I receive a scholarship it will give me the ability to go to college, making me the first one in my family to do so. I am an honor roll student and have worked extremely hard in both the classroom and on the court to get to where I am. If I do not receive a scholarship I will not be able to go to school because of my financial situation. Last weekend my boyfriend and I were watching a movie and then it escaladed into a sexual interaction. We had done this many times before and nothing had gone wrong. This time was different, after a little while my boyfriend said stop. I was confused at first; he said something didn’t feel right. When he looked the condom had broke while inside of me. I freaked out and so did he. After calming down we realized that we

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