Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a medical procedure in which a current pregnancy is aborted or ended. Due to the immorality and public disapproval of the procedure it was illegal up until 1973. This was due to a US Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade. Since then about 1.2 million abortions have been performed each year in the US, and 42 million are performed around the world per year. Shockingly about 20% of these women are under the age of 18, also 43% of all women will have had at least one abortion by the time they turn 45. Also, many women who get abortions are filled with false allusions of what life could be like. Due to the fact that abortion is essentially killing an unborn child, it should only be legal under certain circumstances of rape or incest. Although abortions are currently legal they can come with long term and permanent consequences. One of these consequences is infertility or the incapability to produce offspring, which could cause further problems in life. Additionally abortions are often falsely thought of as contraception and sometimes they can be ineffective. When this occurs a child can be born with birth defects such as Down syndrome and autism. These are life changing and could be dangerous to both the child and parent. When a woman finds out that she has begun an unwanted pregnancy she has many options to choose from. One of the most practical options is adoption. Over fifth-teen million families around the world want children and cannot have them. This is why it would never make sense to take away the life an unborn child. The option of adoption for a child therefore far surpasses the option of abortion, and should be thoroughly thought about when a woman finds herself in a pregnancy situation. Although abortion is not the best option for a pregnant woman, it should be allowed in the case of rape or instance. About 1% of all abortions are caused by

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