Abortion Essay

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Problem Identification Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in Malaysia. Teenage mothers often drop out of school and end up on welfare, barely able to support their child. Sometimes teenagers who give birth do not live through the ordeal, as their bodies are not ready to handle the stress of childbirth. Several numbers of infants being found in rivers, dustbins, and even sometimes somewhere that we cannot imagine such as travelling bags, to the extend where parents could actually throw their babies from a high rise buildings for instant death of their child. These babies are died in the situation that cannot be accepted by most of the people, as the ways of killing these babies are too cruel and cold-blooded. Sadly, the number of baby dumping cases has been increasing days by days and it has reached an alarming state, researches are carried out to determine which group of people is the biggest contributor to these serious cases. The outcome of the researches are pointing towards teenagers, who are under age. The problem of teenage pregnancy out of wedlock is closely linked with abandoned babies cases. There are several reasons on why teenagers commit in the baby dumping cases the most and the consequences of baby dumping cases to society. EXTREME CELEBRATION OF EVENTS Occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday Parties, New Year Celebrations, and etc. are the factors that causes baby dumping. These occasions are usually been celebrated in extreme manners and encouraged liberal socializing and free sex, which resulted in the act of baby dumping. The cultures, which originated from the West, did not suit well in our Eastern culture world, especially in a country where 60 percent of the populations are Muslims.. POVERTY Poverty is also a factor that causes child dumping. Persons in

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