Abortion Essay

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Imagine that you could have some special ability or quality that you do not now posses. What quality and or ability would you choose? I would choose to have the ability to fly. I choose to fly, because it looks so peaceful and free. If I could fly, the first thing I would like to do is get a better look at the clouds. I would like to see if they are soft or if I can really even feel them. I would be free like the wind that blows through my hair. I would be free to go wherever. I wouldn’t have any of the worries that I have today. I would fly high and low, above the world, speeding fast, breathing the air in, slowly. I would keep a blank mind, a quiet soul, and just peace and happiness within me. I would even fly from land to land to visit, just to see places that I never had the chance to see. I feel so stressed out in my life today, looking back when I had no kids and no bills to worry about. At that time, I guess it was kind of like I could fly because I had so much more peace and a lot less worries. When life gets too hard, everyone should have a pair of wings to spread out and fly that would make the world a more peaceful place. Maybe it would be a better place for everyone. If I had the ability to fly I would be free of all the human duties. I wouldn’t own clothes, a car not even own a house to sleep in. I wouldn’t need any money to buy things with. I would just eat freely from wild fruit trees. I wouldn’t have any rules to follow or bills to pay. I would go to Paris, just because I wanted to, for free. I would go all over the world just to see all the amazing things they have while I can fly. I would fly high and low with not even one care in the world. I would just fly freely among the birds, feeling the wind in my hair, sun on my cheek, and the world at my feet. This is what the ability to fly would mean to

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