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Abortion Caught in the Middle is an emotionally charged short article on deciding if abortion is the right thing to do. The article was written to help expecting mothers decide if abortion is the right way to go. The publisher of the article is Options Magazine. It raises many questions that the expecting mothers should consider. The article not saying abortion is right but it is asking if abortion is morally right for the future and present of the mother and the people around her. In fact the magazine promotes adoption instead of abortion. Personally I agree the mother should bring the questions asked into consideration but I also believe that if she has an abortion she is murdering an innocent child. When asking herself the questions she should consider the painful facts about abortion. If she feels she can not handle being a mother yet in her life there are many people out there who want to adopt small children and newborns. One of the questions asked is: When do you think an embryo or fetus becomes a person? There are many opinions on this subject right off the bat. “It is uncertain when human life begins; that’s a religious question that can not be answered by science.” (Alcorn, 39) Why destroy the embryo if we can’t agree on when it’s life begins? Can a person go out and shoot into a thicket just because the brush rattled, or should they wait to make sure it’s the intended animal? So then why is it right to destroy something if you are not sure if it is alive. By law it is a crime to kill a person in cold blood. It is also a crime to kill a mother when she is pregnant, so then why is the mother allowed to kill the baby? Is that not murder it just happens while the baby is in the mother with the usual exception of the mother going on with her life. Many scientists believe that life begins at conception. (Alcorn, 40) Now

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