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The only other possible “acceptable” reason for a pregnant woman to get an abortion is if her life in danger due to complications of carrying the fetus for nine months and then delivering the child. While this argument is generally socially acceptable, I feel as though this is still a judgment call between the woman and her significant other (i.e. boyfriend, fiancee, husband, friend with benefits). Doctors are not always right and miracles that (almost) no one individual can explain, happen. The judgment call here is whether or not it is worth risking the life of a mature woman that is loved, is more valuable than the child growing in her belly. Marquis brings up the idea of “Future like ours” (FLO). He claims that killing deprives a person of a future that is like ours, and says that abortion is killing a fetus that will have a future like ours. Taking someone’s entire future away from them is the worst of crimes, and he argues that abortion is this kind of deprivation of future. Killing an adult is an awful thing to do because it takes away that adult’s future, a future that is of great value. The same goes for aborted fetuses—they had a future that would be valued but it was taken away from them. Marquis uses this argument when specifically referring to abortion and the value of it, not specifically, in regards to the one circumstance where the mothers life is in jeopardy. This is not to say that the father of the child could not be a great single parent or to say that the child's life's value is more than that of the mother but rather to say that the mother is key in raising there children. Marquis concludes that abortion is seriously wrong, except in unusual cases (rape, incest, and possible death of the mother). Depriving an FLO shows how wrong killing an adult is, and since fetuses have an FLO, killing them is just as bad. Warren concludes that fetuses are

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