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Abortion By Natasha Joseph Research Methodologies SOC 401 Professor Tidwell December 10, 2011 Abortion was not always a women right to choose. A woman's right to have an abortion is necessary to ensure full and free participation in society. The decision of Roe vs. Wade in the United State Supreme Court draw a line between the government's authority and a woman's autonomy in choosing to have a child; which that decision ensures. A woman's ability to control her own reproductive activity is a fundamental right that impacts every aspect of her life. The Roe v. Wade decision described abortion as part of a woman's constitutionally protected right to privacy. There are many advocates that believe a woman must have the power to control a decision as significant as parenthood. Purpose and Significance of Research The purpose of this research is evaluating abortion not only on the individual but on society as a whole. Abortion has been one of our most controversial topics within the United States. Some believe that abortion is a women right to choose and the government should not have any say in that decision. As of now abortion is legal within the United States because of the most known abortion court cases the decision of Roe vs. Wade. Research questions What draws a woman to get an abortion? What kind of an effect does abortion have on society? Should abortion remain legal? What are the dangers of having an abortion? How did Roe vs. Wade impact the future of abortion? Are there any other cases on abortion? Who has the right to choose? What forms of abortions are used most often? Methodology There are many forms of research to choose from which includes qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Qualitative research is conducted by text and images. Quantitative research is when you are collecting data from survey or

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