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INTRODUCTION: All women, when they become pregnant, must consider a wide variety of options. For some women, these options are along the lines of baby names, nursery décor themes and childcare choices. Other women, however, don't view a positive pregnancy test as such a joyous occasion, and these women begin considering options that include giving the baby up for adoption or terminating the pregnancy with an abortion. Depending on where the woman lives, that last option is legal, or it may be pursued underground. The topic of my paper is about abortion as you can see. Are you against abortion? Do you think that abortion should be legalized in every country? Is the abortion ok for rape victims? Is any risk in having the abortion? These are just a few questions that I’m going to answer. All answers that I’ll give to you will be from the surveys that I’ve made. I’ve made a questionnaire about abortion and I’ve asked 40 people from different gender and different age. This paper will lead to whether the abortion should be done or not. With other words, I’ll going to tell you how many people are against abortion and how many people support abortion. Now days there are lot of billboards and commercials about the abortion. So many flayers have been awarded weather to abort or not. I choose this topic because there is quite big percentage of people which are against abortion and I think that abortion should be legal and should be done only under certain circumstances. In my background of work I will write about abortion and its effects, in which countries it is legalized, is there any risks in having abortion, how abortion works. Background of work: Abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy after conception. It allows women to put an end to their pregnancies, but involves killing the undeveloped embryo or fetus. Supporters of abortion rights

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