Abort the Altered Essay

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Leslee Olson Maples 6 May 2013 English Pre-AP Abort the Altered Everyone wants to change something about themselves, we now have technology that puts plastic surgery to shame; we can genetically alter fetuses. Fetuses are being experimented on to prove that fetuses can be genetically altered. Scientists want to make genetically altering fetuses open to the public. It should be illegal because a fetus has already died from experiments, genetically altering fetuses is cloning, and if Hitler had this technology the world would not be what it is today. This experimenting should be stopped and illegalized in public. The first ever altered fetus was a fetus experimented on then aborted only five days later. Within the five days of the tampering of the fetus’ genes it was killed off by scientists. The fetus that was being experimented on was aborted due to the unauthorized genetic changing of the fetus’ genes. The one reason this fetus was altered was because of “large ethical and public issues.” (Rebecca Sato; author) The scientist undergoing the fetus experiment knew the fetus would be a carrier for mutant genes later in life. When the altered fetus was to have children they would be born with mutant genes and deformities do to the carrier gene in one of their parents. With the knowledge of the defects in the fetus the scientist continued the experiment only later to be caught and resulting in the fetus being aborted. An altered fetus is not a true fetus at all; it is to be considered a clone other than a true human fetus. European countries have already tested and banned the idea of humans being genetically modified. “Nearly all European and industrialized countries treat HGM (humans genetically modified) just like reproductive cloning, and have banned it” (Rebecca Sato). This ban across seas shows that America is still considering reproductive cloning.

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