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------------------------------------------------- Aborigines The aborigines are people whose ancestors were Indigenous to Australia, in this way the aborigines is called the first people of Australia. They lived peacefully in tribes, mostly as hunter-gatherers. But when Britain in 1788 started the colonisation of Australia, the aborigines’ tribes slowly declined, and the aborigines had to adapt to the new modern society. Know very few people live after their ancestors’ traditions, and the aborigines only make up 1.5% of the Australian population. You may understand how the Australian population only consists of 1.5% aborigines, when you hear of some of the methods, the non-aboriginal was using to root out the aborigines population. Earlier when an aboriginal child was born, it was taken away from its mother, even though the child’s father was white. The child was given to a white family or put onto a white foster home, where it was raised without knowing about its aboriginal roots. This was still happening in 1969. It is unbelievable that a method like this was used for so many years, and it is harsh to think about all the families who have been divided, and then never united. Australia is called the lucky country, and it has one of the highest living standards in the world. It is a society where most people would claim, that there are equal opportunities for everyone. But of all the ethnic groups living in Australia, the aborigines are socially and culturally the group with fewer advantages. They have the worst conditions in areas like health, living conditions, education and employment. You may think that when they have the opportunity to go to school, their education level would be like every one else. But the teachers on the schools, shows no consideration to the fact that many of the aboriginal children, have English as their second language.

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