Aboriginals and Their Adaption to Their Adaption to Their Environment

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Aboriginal Essay Aboriginals were the original people of Australia. The exploration of their culture is something that the white people (Europeans) didn’t want when they first invaded the land, but in the last 100 years, their way of life has been looked into. Aboriginals were very skilled at using the surrounding parts of their environment to sustain their lives. The four main points being the shelter they made, their food, and materials. Aboriginal people were extremely talented and skilled at hunting and gathering all of their food. Many Aboriginals hunted large animals, but it depended on where in Australia they lived at the time. Aboriginals that lived on the coast ate more fish, and were skilled at spearing them in the waters. A common way of killing their food was either using a boomerang, a crescent shaped weapon, or a spear. They ate just about everything except for religious taboo. Their shelter wasn’t well defined like people in modern societies. Aboriginals made their shelter based on the natural shelters available, such as caves, under trees, bushes and hollow trees. Most Aboriginals didn’t have blankets or anything to keep them warm, so having a campfire burning throughout the night was a common thing for them. They were very innovative in coming up with new ideas to keep them cool or warm, for example, in winter they would pile their shelters up with spinifex grass. In our society, it is a law to wear clothing at all time, for the Aboriginals, that rule didn’t apply. Many of them didn’t wear clothing, some would have clothing if they could find the right materials for it, but it wasn’t an important thing wether or not they had clothing. Nature provided their clothing; they used resources such as leaves, animal skins, bark, sticks and twigs. Animal fur was hard to find, but it was the best form of clothing. Aboriginals lived in a way

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