Aboriginal Worldview Analysis

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While a variety of factors have shaped the diversity of indigenous Australian philosophy and practices across the Australian continent, ones of the central characteristics of the Aboriginal worldview is the concept of the ‘Dreaming’. Outline some of the key aspects of this belief system and reflect on this in comparison to your own worldview. Indigenous people have occupied the Australian continent for thousands of years and what is believed to be since the beginning of The Dreaming. There was not and still is not just one community of Indigenous Australian people, there were many tribes that coexisted over the vast Australian landscape and some still exist today. Each tribal group spoke their own language and the extreme Australian landscape…show more content…
The structure and belief system of the Anglo-Australian Nation, which is what I have personally been exposed to and influenced by, has derived from European and American ideologies that determine the meaning of success, spirituality, status and the way one is to act in society. Post-invasion history shows the dominance of Christian beliefs and practices in which emphasis God alone as the creator if all things and we life to serve him and do his work on earth. Although I am not devout Christian I was surrounded with such influences growing up, particularly in school. There is a division or separation between the past, present and future, and there is the belief that there is always a beginning and end to most things which is also reinforced by the Bible and society as it is seen in many aspects of everyday life such as the start and finish of work or the beginning and end of a day. This Anglo-Australian belief system is opposite to the concept of The Dreamings that teach of unity that exists and connects all things in time and space in a cyclic way without a beginning or an end, the role of an Indigenous Australian person does not have a beginning or an end, it is continuous like the ancestors before. The value and meaning…show more content…
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