Aboriginal vs Canadians

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Aboriginals have been treated completely unfair in many places in the world but I will discuss Canada. I have read a lot of articles pertaining to this subject but what stood out to me in interest was Canada’s poor treatment toward Aboriginals. It has been said that Aboriginals were the first to arrive on Canadian soil. So if this is true why do we as “the white government” think we can tell them how to live their life? We have made them live on reserves. We tell them so long as you live on these reserves you won’t pay taxes, health care, etc. These things will only apply if and only if you stay on the reserve. It’s almost like we have roped them off in certain areas. It’s almost like we put them in these places so we don’t have to deal with them as much. In my opinion this is a form of racism. Racism is something that is rapid throughout the world. But out of all the places in the world a person would think things like racism would be very minimal in a place like Canada; this is not the case at all. Canadians have been trying to overrule Aboriginals beliefs for years. The Aboriginals believe they should be able to hunt and fish as much as they want, whenever they want to. Well they were here first so it only makes sense to me. Isn’t it said “first come first serve”? So if this is true they should be able to live their life they way they want to not they way we tell them to. I also feel that the Canadian Government is very insensitive to how the Aboriginals believe in “Mother Nature” and a more natural way of life. It’s kind of odd that the Government find it so difficult to accept the Aboriginals “Religion” when they don’t find it that difficult to accept all the rest of the Religion and beliefs in Canada; there are so many! I really feel that we as a country need to make serious changes in this area. Aboriginals should be treated
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