Aboriginal Spirituality and the Land and the Dreaming Essay

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Year 10 Australian Studies Assessment Aboriginal Spirituality the Land and the Dreaming The land is important to Indigenous Australians because they believe that the land and the people are interconnected. The Dreaming is also very important for the Aborigines because this aspect of there life explains how the land was created and how all the creatures on this earth were created. The land for Aborigines gave them everything. It gave them food, water, shelter, identity, medicine, resources and especially their spirituality. The Aborigines also were a complex culture who didn’t write there language but transferred into an oral tradition and also in paintings. The Aborigines showed there culture in performing ritual practices, by songs and poems, chanted or sung. All of these things are connected with the land and in turn are connected with the Aboriginal Spirituality. The Dreaming for the Aboriginal culture is a huge thing. They believe that Ancestral Beings were the ones to first walk the Earth and were the people which created the natural world. The Dreaming is a way to link the past and the present to try and get a picture of the future. These stories are still told today to keep the Aboriginal culture alive. You must remember that these were passed down for thousands of years and is a vital for Aborigines to talk about the land to get a sense about what they are all about. This is a major thing of the Spirituality of Aborigines and will never be forgotten. The paintings and rituals are another thing which Aboriginals use to gain a better understanding of the land and there spirituality. Rituals were used as a tool to practice there religion and keep in touch with spirits. Many ceremonies were completed in order for this to be for filled. Paintings were another way in telling a story. On Aboriginal hunting weapons, such as boomerangs, paintings were done

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