Aboriginal Self Government for Haida People

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Aboriginal Self Government for Haida People Governments on the lands of other government seem as the one of the largest problems in Canada due to the many governments that aboriginals have on the Canadian lands. Self-governments as what it is called were kept by aboriginals even after the European settlers took over the land at the 15th century. The self-governments did not even disappear after the residential schools period that affected many of the aboriginals between the 18th and the late 20th century. According to Christie (2007) “Canadian governments and courts recognize that pre-contact Aboriginal societies possessed their own legal and political systems, and that to this day these nations have not surrendered the powers they fully exercised before colonial policies undercut their authority”. Aboriginals self-governments are not only for preparing couple of meetings and activities for its people, but they even have the own constitutions, courts, and presidents. These governments also have been obstacles for many of the companies in Canada by stopping some of these companies’ projects on lands that these self-governments claim to be a part of their territory. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the corruption of these self-governments, the gap that have been made by these self-governments between Canadians and aboriginals people, the effect of these self governments on the aboriginals’ next generation, and some of the opinions that support these self-governments and how it is not accurate. The first issue with the existence of the aboriginal self-governments is the corruption of these governments. The reason behind the doubts of these governments being corrupted is the amounts of money that have been spent by the Canadian government to help aboriginal communities without any positive effects on the life quality of the aboriginals communities. An example

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