Aboriginal Peoples: Racism In Colonial Context

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Aboriginal Peoples: Racism in Colonial Context * The agent was the sole authority in this community and they had all the power to punish or deprive, this worked to break down the traditional authority system , so it basically broke down their social structures * A second element of denationalization was attempted destruction of culture * Natives relied on government handouts because they could not sustain their own lives (they were only allowed to hunt and fish when the Indian agent said they could * The federal government still control when they natives can hunt and fish * Condition on the reserve: no employment, except for those who serve Indian agent therefore poverty and hunger arose and became a serious issue * People faced with…show more content…
Indian took part in fur trading * The Bay agents assuming a dominant role in deciding where the trade took place * Governments wants to civilize and Christianise the savages (attempted through residential schools) * Schools had a great impact on the community and on those who attended * The RCMP was responsible for policing Aboriginal behaviour * Alcohol was brough in by the Hudsons Bay’s company . After ww2: the fedral gov’t assumed control over the Arctic in the name of National Security (against the Soviet Union) Wanted to establish sovereignty in the Arctic * Common theme: created

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