Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

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a. History of European contact 1.Introduction of disease When the Europeans arrived Australia, they were also introducing varieties of diseases to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, such as Smallpox,typhoid, venereal diseases, influenza,etc. Since they were never expose to these diseases before, they had no natural resistance or immunity against them. Therefore, all these diseases brought them a deadly consequence, especially smallpox,which was the biggest killer. It was an acute and highly infectious disease and the fatality rate for this unexposed population was often high. 2.Malnutrition Indigenous people also suffered from malnutrition. They lost the traditional lifestyle and their diets were altered due to the European’s growing settlement. Tress and plants were destroyed,waterways were dirtied, and the large animals escaped. The land was no longer able for them to hunt and gather food and they couldn’t to the new food such as sugar and flour. As a result, the amount of food that they could eat become lesser and lesser, which led to malnutrition. b. Loss of culture, land, identity, and Indigenous law The indigenous people were lived on hunting and gathering. They had deep knowledge of their land, source of water,and the seasonal cycle of plant food. However, the European settlement brought catastrophic impacts to them. Firstly, they were not able to assess the land and obtain the resources such as food, herbs, stones which were necessary to maintain their lifestyles and health status. In the tradition indigenous culture, most of the information were pass down from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, many of the elders were killed by those mortal diseases, thus a lot of valuable cultural information such as the usage of nature medicines were lost so more and more people have got sick. The indigenous people losing their identity due
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