Abolition of Current Grading System

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Students and their family put too much in and take too much out of the grading system. They would do almost anything to get that A. and if not achieved, then they would be dispirited. The current grading system should be abolished and replace it with a 3-letter grade system. Some argue that students would take advantage of it and not put effort into school. They would say that a less strict grading system would let the students have more freedom. Some also protest that it would not help differentiate the outstanding students from the average for colleges and universities. In addtion, some would say it would also take a huge effort and time to change the grading system. You will have to train the teachers all over again. New standards would have to be made. And it will take a while to get used to. Introducing a 3-letter grade system of A, C, and F where A shows an excelling effort, C shows an average effort, and F shows a failing effort would differentiate more easily the good, average, and bad students. This would also lower the expectations for each kind of grade, therefore raising the number of As and keeping more parents happy and preventing them from abusing their children. Students can focus more on learning and doing extracurricular activities because they do not have to worry about homework as much as before. No stress on students because parents will not put pressure on them for “good” grades. People argue that it differentiates the great students from the average for colleges. But it is possible for colleges and universities to base their admissions mainly on tests such as the SATs and ACTs and also base it on their efforts on extracurricular activities. Grades may show the students’ effort in school. However, it does not show their participation in class. One may do well on homeworks, but horrible on the tests, vice versa. All in all, a new grading
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