Abolishment of the Slave Trade

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The Abolition of the Slave Trade The slave trade was part of the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was a trade between the North&South America, Africa and of course Europe. The Triangular Trade was extremely profitable for everyone, especially if you were the Captain of a ship. Everything on the ships were classed as Cargo. Not everything on the ships were inanimate. People were actually selling African men, women, children, elderly and anyone they could find. The healthier and stronger you were, the more you were worth. If you had special skills e.g. cooking, Blacksmith, seamstress, carpentry etc. You were already worth more even if you're 40. A billing record for sold slaves was found. A 40 yeard old woman who was a seamstress was worth £850. That was the price of an average small house, if that woman were to be sold today she'd be worth £100k alone. Not everyone was for this disastrous event, people did everything they could to abolish the trading of Black people. Surely enough it did, after a long time. Slaves were being sold for high amounts of money, they weren't seen as human but cargo. This is morally wrong as cargo is usually inanimate, unless it's the trading of animals. Humans are animate. These slaves were used because they were black, they were treated like this as the white men coudln't work for long in the heat as they'd develop skin cancer and other illnesses if they worked in the sun for too long. The AFricans were used to that sort of heat and as their skin is dark there is less damage to their skin. However, this isn't an excuse as to how they were treated, they were stripped naked, men were paired in two's and chained together. They were thrown onto the ships and there was so little room to move about. Everyone was drowning in their own excrement, urine and puke. They were getting ill with whiteman diseases which their bodies didn't know
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