Abolishing The Electoral College

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Abolishing the Electoral College Here in the United States we have two primary voting systems, which consist of the popular vote and the Electoral College. The Popular vote is just that, popularity. The most desired and popular candidate is awarded the majority of votes cast by the citizens of the United States. The Electoral College, on the other hand does not consist on the votes directly cast by citizens but by a group of people elected by the citizens. This group of officials also known as “presidential electors” makes up the Electoral College. Each state is assigned a certain number of candidates, which are then narrowed down and elected to become the voice of that state come election time. In total the United States has 538 presidential electors. These officials decide which candidates will become the next president and vice president of the United States. Who ever said that the United States was a democracy lied and the Electoral College is great proof. “The first principle of democracy is that all citizens, not invested with the power to govern, have equal access to power and the second is that all citizens enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties”( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy, paragraph 2, line 2). By following the Electoral College, we as citizens relinquish our voice, we are letting someone else speak for us, and they only speak when it counts. Most of the time the decisions that these "presidential electors" make don't reflect our own. In reality, at the end of the election, the popular vote which can easy be labeled as what the citizens want doesn’t count. Take the 2008 election for example, Al Gore received the majority of the popular vote, he had a huge advantage in popular votes however because of the Electoral College and it’s presidential electors, George Bush was elected president, and we all know how that turn out. Similar events
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