Abolish Public Schooling: Privatize Education

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Although public schools have been the primary source of education for children for many years, complete privatization of schools should occur because doing so will make education more affordable, quality education will be more easily obtained, and parents will finally have more say in their children’s educational lives. Public schooling seems like the easiest option, but there are far too many places where public schooling falls short. Imagine the horror of your child’s public school teacher having never gone through a thorough background check, and later finding out that they were a sexual offender, or any other kind of criminal? That kind of scenario has been a reality for too many parents whose children attend public school. For decades, most people have been led to believe that public schooling is a good thing, and is in the best interest of children. But it’s time to face the facts – public schooling is not the best that Americans could be doing for their children and their families as a whole. Though the numbers for specific states vary, it is said that on average, school districts spend about $10,591 for every individual student in public schools, per year. Catholic and other religious private schools are, on average, $6,000 to $7,000 dollars per year. The education children receive in private schools is far superior to public schools, and per capita, the price is technically cheaper. One might say that it is technically not cheaper for the family because taxpayers are paying for the public schooling that parents otherwise couldn’t afford. However, a look at basic economics will give some insight to this. A simple look at economics tells us that competition in other sectors of the economy can easily cause prices to decline. There is no competition in publicly funded education and therefore no chance of competing prices, so the cost continues to rise at the

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