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Abolish The Death Penalty Essay

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  • on April 6, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Abolish The Death Penalty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

John stuart mills

John Stuart is trying to explain that even though many human beings might consider it more humane to propose life imprisonment opposed to the death penalty that it is possible that it’s not the case in the murderers mind. Mill explains that this criminal, instead of being quickly and almost painlessly put to death, might be suffering a more torturous sentence by reliving the murder that he has committed everyday not to mention the insanity of being trapped with only the thoughts in his unstable mind.
Mills explains that to be a murderous criminal suggests that murderers are already in some part constantly anticipating death simply because of their nature and lifestyle. The rest of their mentality may be made up of confidence or bluffing so that they can continue living the way that they do, but the reality is there that death may be merely around the corner. He mentions how some people have the idea that the death penalty has been a failure at being deterrence to criminals. He goes on to say that there is absolutely no way to tell that it has failed because we cannot calculate the humans that have chosen not to pursue their natural murderous impulses because of a fear of death. Therefore we also cannot calculate the innocent lives that have been saved because of the death penalty.
Mills then discusses how dangerously close the government is to making the grave mistake of banning the death penalty. He says that if the juries or judges are constantly swayed away from convicting murderers and sentencing them to the death penalty then the law is unjust. Mills asks if death is really the worst punishment or is that what our society has been taught to believe? If one cannot enjoy the freedom and value of life is it worth living at all without these much necessary factors?
Mills talks about how simply “existing” isn’t life and that humans who claim to be humane should focus more on the amount of suffering inflicted for punishment. Simply being...

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