Abigail Williams in the Crucible

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The Accuser never the Accused. Love is as strong as death, when one feels it one never wants it to be over and when one loses it; one wants to loose everything else. A seventeen year old orphan in The Crucible, filled with lust over a married man. Abigail Williams is not only heartless but she is motivated by her love for john or what she thinks is “love” and her need for attention. Will she get what she wants? Who will she hurt to get it? What happens to her? How can people see Abigail Williams through The Crucible? Abigail always gets what she wants or at least never gives up on what she wants. In The Crucible, Abigail and john are having an affair while john is married to Elizabeth. Abigail is now trying to seduce and steal johns heart away from Elizabeth; the woman who fired her from being their maid. Even thou Abigail only tries to get john in the beginning, she is now trying any and everything to accomplish this and in doing so causes chaos. While she does not consider herself as the problem throughout the majority of the play, Abigail Williams proves to be the negative influence in The Crucible. Abigail’s problem goes back to her parents being “killed by Indians”(page 148).She feels that it is everyone’s fault this is why she is angry and heartless. She did not get that much affection or “love” growing up. John loving her or “having her” is a different change for her because she has never felt this way or been in this situation before she is attached. John feels horrible for putting his wife through all he has and he now wants to cut off the affair, Abigail on the other hand is not ready for it to end. Abigail feels that Elizabeth is the problem and the only way to “get john back” is to get rid of Elizabeth. In The Crucible everyone believes that “witches” are people who do not attend church and are ungodly. When someone is accused of being a
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