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Is Abigail Williams a Victim or Villain? We have been studying the text The Crucible by Author Miller and I am going to study in detail weather Abigail Williams is a victim, or truly the villain. Abby is the villain and some may put it down to some of the "reddish work" she has seen but is it? In Act One Abigail is willing to lie to everyone to save her own, Abby is certain "[they] danced" and nothing else, even though we know that is not all they did. Abby threatens the girls, forcing them to tell the story according to the way which incriminates her the least. She bosses them hoping, maybe knowing they will listen because she told them that she would come to them some "terrible night" and bring with her a "pointy reckoning" that will shudder them which suggests that Abigail knows ways of hurting people, although this can also mean Abigail knows how to keep people quiet. Some may argue that in Act One she has seen Indians "smash" her "parents' heads" and the trauma she must be going trough, in One way or another should make her a victim and I agree this should, but Abigail doesn't seem to care because she uses this as a weapon against the other girls. She lets them know that she has seen some "reddish work" implying that she knows what to do if one of them breathes an "edge of a word" about any other going on-s upon the night in question. You see, in the context of the play this might suggest a powerful symbolic of red as a representative of the communist threat. The secretive nature of work "done at night" suggests the hysterical reaction to be "reds under the bed". When Abby speaks to John Procter about how Elizabeth is "blackening [her] name in the village" in Act One some might say there you have it a victim but Elizabeth isn't "blackening" her name without good reason. Abby allegedly slept with John Proctor and John does not deny this accusation and

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