Abigail from the Crucible

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Abigail Williams is a vixen, who is completely self-serving. This vixenish characteristic that Abigail displays can be seen throughout the Crucible; but mainly in the parts where Abigail blames Tituba for conjuring spirits, Abigail wanting John Proctor to be hers, Abigail saying that she wants to open herself to God, also when Mary Warren begins to confess the truth of what the girl really are doing. Abigail’s personality can be described as vixenish, based upon the way that she blames Tituba for conjuring spirits, in order to prevent herself from getting in trouble. “She always sings her Barbados songs, and we dance.” (Miller 11). Abigail realizes that she is in trouble for doing witchcraft in the woods with the other girls, and for making Betty sick; so Abigail seizes this opportunity to shift the blame of doing witchcraft onto the shoulders of Tituba. This action that Abigail does is evil and she does this just to keep herself from having a punishment and being pressured into telling what Abigail and the other girls did and what really occurs in the woods that day. Abigail is a malevolent person when she asks John Proctor to leave his sickly wife in order to be with her. “John- I am waitin’ for you every night.” (Miller 22). Abigail also says, “I look for John Proctor that took me from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart … and whatever sin it is, you love me yet!” (Miller 24). Abigail reminds Proctor of the Ten Commandments, and the one that he breaks, when he goes to her and commits adultery. The existence of a relationship between Proctor and Abigail is a sin, and yet, she still provokes this act of wrongdoing; in order to give herself what she wants for the most part, and this prize possession happens to be John Proctor, which Abigail wants so dreadfully. Also, Abigail believes that Elizabeth Proctor is controlling John Proctor by making him deny his

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