Abi Care Induction Essay

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Understanding The Principles of Care 1.1 Values 1) The correct way to address a Service Use would be to use their birth name or, if preferred by the Service user, their nickname. Always be polite and respectful, if Staff have to interrupt the Service user always use their preferred name and apologise for disturbing them. 2) A disrespectful way of addressing a Service user would be to call them ‘my lovely’ or ‘matey boy’ or any terminology that could be deemed to be offensive. 3) The Service user has the right to dignity and respect, which is supported by legislation and Company policies to protect them as individuals. The Service user should be treated as an individual to preserve their identity and to give them individual choices with regard to their lives, what activities they would prefer and an input into their care plan. This should give them a feeling of independence and maintain their dignity while in a partnership with the care facility. 4) Prejudice is an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge, about someone because of their gender, age, disability or ethnicity. An example would be anti-Semitism (prejudice of Jewish people). 5) Equality is ensuring individuals are treated fairly and equally, regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. An example of promoting equality in the workplace would be discussing a Service user’s opinion on another’s sexual orientation and explaining that every person has the right to live without prejudice. 1.2 Confidentiality 1) Confidentiality is the protection of any information held about an individual, to ensure that the information is accessible only by those authorised to do so. 2) Confidentiality is important in a care setting as the information held about each Service user

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