Aberfan Monologue - Teacher perspective

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Aberfan Monologue Right, I’ve finished my tax return, let’s just plan that lesson for, for, Lesson. I’m still thinking like Mr Belton. That’s right, I’m a teacher, or was before the…accident. They keep trying to tell me, You couldn’t have done anything, its not you’re fault, you couldn’t of done anything, it’s not you’re fault, you couldn’t have done anything, it’s not you’re fault, I could have done something, it’s ALL MY FAULT. NO, don’t think like that what did the doctor say he said, that to, count to ten and to expect PAIN oh my god the pain in my legs. That bloody rock, that bloody mine, those bloody miners… no, don’t blame the miners, its not the miners fault, they saved me and Charlie, oh Charlie, how I wish you were here, Charlie I love you, I love you so much, Charlie, why did it take you, why you Charlie. CHARLIE! CHARLIE!!! – Lack of oxygen, they said killed my boy. ‘Why didn’t that kill me too’ I said, ‘How come I survived and he didn’t!’ - But I knew, of course. My classroom was on the west side of Pantglas Secondary school, and we overlooked the rest of the town. We had warning, we could run. The Primary School… Charlie was in that school. He was crushed and suffocated along with the others. And my class? Even we didn’t have enough warning to escape that. I was caught as I tried to leave my class room. My legs were crushed. They say I’ll never walk again.
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