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At the center of this argument between ABC Insurance Company and the Verde Greene Hospital this contract interferes with free competition violating the antitrust act that preserves free and unfettered competition as a rule of trade. Verde Greene Hospital wanted to be the exclusive provider of maternity and cardiac care for all patients in the ABC Insurance Company network. It is expressed that the reason for the contract is to be the sole provider of cardiology and obstetric services in an area of 14 counties restricting the commerce in the other counties. From the perspective of an employer if I was in their situation I would compare and contrast the benefits and liabilities of two health plans for the potential coverage of your employee group. And basically cite the advantages and disadvantages of each plan and state the obvious of the both and tell the employees what the ABC Insurance Company should push more towards. ABC Insurance Company should stick to their rule of reasoning and make sure that they can get coverage that all of the employees can agree with and get on the same page at the end of the day. What I’ve realize over the years that everyone will not agree with the decisions being made but they will appreciate the results at the end. To be totally honest ABC Insurance Company need to settle down and look at the bigger picture don’t need to put themselves in a bind. I believe that the employer needs to read the fine print before they agree to anything because they need to make changes in the contract. My question is did the hospital intend to restrict competition and if so was their reason justifiable? For example, if the hospital provides specialties services in cardiology that no other hospital provides then it is not considered in violation of the act. In fact exclusive contracts or restrictions on services are covered under the rule of reason and

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