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Abdullah Al-zahrani Dr. Jason Morill CHE 205 April 2, 2014 1- Scanlan, R. A. Nitrosamines and Cancer. OSU. 2000. http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/f-w00/nitrosamine.html (Accessed on April 2, 2014). * The author stated that the discovery of nitrosamines was over 100 years ago, but no attention has been paid until 1956.The discoveries are John Barnes and Peter Magee when they reported that dimethylnitrosamine can cause cancer. According to the author, 90% of 300 types of nitrosamines can cause tumors in animals. Some of these compounds can cause liver cancer, whereas other can cause lung cancer. Later, he metniones some sources of nitrosamines, such as fried bacon, cured meats, and beer. Finally, he discussed how much exposure to nitrosamines can cause cancer. He stated that some reports in 1981 from NAS said that the exposure is about 1 microgram per day. In contrast, current exposure is close to 0.1 microgram per day. This reduction in exposure due to the modification in food manufacture, resulting in low probability of having cancer from food. Finally, he provided some questions that should be answered by scientists. * This article is very important for me. It provides me some general information about nitrosamines, such as what they are used for, how much exposure can cause cancer, and the discovery of nitrosamines. 2- Jonsson, L.S., Lindh, C.H., Bergendorf, U., Axmon, A., Littorin, M., Jonsson, B. A. N-nitrosamines in the Southern Swedish Rubber Industries-Exposure, Health Effects, and Immunologic Makers. Scand J Work Environ Health. 2009;35(3):203-211. http://search.proquest.com/docview/201398712/fulltextPDF/CAC7D8359CCC460APQ/3?accountid=15047 * The purpose of this study was to see how much Nitrosamine compounds in the air and to study their effects on animals. The model system for this study was rubber workers. The authors stated

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