Abduction Essay

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Abduction The short story is about the relationship between Ann and her younger brother, whom she takes with her London despite their parents’ disapproval. The reason why Ann does this is so that her brother can get to experience her way of living and get as successful as she is. Ann takes care of her brother, and she doesn’t require any kind of rent for having him live with her. She takes control of her younger brother’s life and doesn’t let him take his own stands. The brother ends up as an alcoholic and eventually dies. The story starts in medias res and we are introduced to a 3rd person narrator, who might be another sibling of Ann’s as he says “He’d been born late in our parents’ marriage” (page 1, line 35) about the younger brother that Ann abducts. We don’t know much about the parents, other than the younger brother doesn’t have much confidence in them. It seems that the brother doesn’t have a close relationship to his parents and neither does his sister, Ann. Ann is convinced that she can give her younger brother a better future than their parents can and therefore she abducts her 16 year old brother. She actually lies to her parents and tells them that she will take her brother to London for a holiday, and then laughs at her parents as they find out that she is actually taking their son forever. Ann is a doctor lives in a very high-class-society environment and it seems that she doesn’t like the low-class-society at all. She is afraid that her younger brother is going to get a very poor job and a bad future. Being proud of herself and her achievements, she wants her brother to be as successful as she is. Ann has a lot of money and she spoils her little brother by not making him pay any kind of rent for letting him live with her. Ann sends her younger brother to study media in college despite that he isn’t interested in media. However, the only reason

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