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A social networking site invities uses to send emails to them about their opinions of the site so that the company can improve the social networking site.In your email, explain what you like and dislike about the site. Suggest one function that could be added. Write your email in a formal letter format. 14th August,2012 To whom it may concern, In recent years, the idea of an online social network was revolutionary. Many people have got their finger on the pulse of online social network, and the sites have permeated society and the workplace. Therefore, I am writing to express my point of view towards the services provided by ABCbook and hope that my opinions can provide this site with room for improvement. ABCbook is deserved to derive amusement from providing ways for people to make connections with one another, to find old friends and make new ones. With the searching system, users can reconnect with people they have lost contact with, find people who haven’t seen for a while. The twenty-four-seven pages can keep the users updated with their friends, finding out what old friends are doing now, contacting friends who are away from home and maintaining relationships with people you may not get to see very often. ABCbook is gaining reputation by providing a platform which convenient the communication among people. Apart from this, ABCbook also plays a role in one’s personal development, which is highly appreciated too. Online social networking can help people learn how to socialize with their peers, and develop "virtual empathy" as well. It's almost like social networks are training wheels for life in a lot of ways – people float things out on a wall post on ABCbook and then sit back to wait for comments, users can learn to express empathy and see how people respond. ABCbook is praised by helping people to speak out and being a place for users to grow

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