Abc University Cafeteria (Storage and Warehousing System) Essay

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STORAGE AND WAREHOUSING OF THE ABC UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA INTRODUCTION Systems and procedures considerations are an essential part of all the processes of management. A rational set of procedures and well-defined systems ensure efficiency, quality control, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to design systems and procedures for the storage and warehousing of the ABC University Cafeteria, the corresponding policies to be followed, and the persons in authority’s duties and responsibilities in lined with the designed systems and procedures. The designed systems and procedures will be helpful to the school itself, the employees operating within the school, and the area specifically the storage and warehousing area during its daily operations. Developing such system and procedure for University Cafeteria’s storage and warehousing will serve as a guide for the employees or authorized staffs in handling raw materials and other equipment to be housed in the storage rooms. Having and following the designed system will allow the employees to easily monitor the materials and will give an idea as to how these materials and operations will be carried out. This will result in an efficient and smooth flow of operations. METHODOLOGY For the fulfillment of this term paper, relevant information is needed. These will be the basis to be able to design for systems and procedure of the ABC University Cafeteria and will focus on its storage area. The following steps will be undertaken to be able to come up with the systems and procedure of ABC University Cafeteria, storage area: 1. Identify personnel to be assigned in the storage area. 2. Formulate job descriptions to qualify personnel needed in the storage area. 3. Formulate organizational chart for the personnel involved in the storage area. 4. Identify the space

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