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Abc Inc. Case Study Analysis

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A case study analysis can help a business with choosing the right solutions when working through challenges and roadblock. A case analysis begins with providing background on the issues and challenges. Followed by addressing the key issues and alternatives to resolves the issues at hand which will lead to a proposed solution and recommendation. ABC incorporation stumbles upon several issues with hiring 15 new employees. This case study analysis will assist the company and the recruiter, Carl Robins, in a solution to the problems.
ABC Inc. hired Carl Robins as a new campus recruiter. Only working in this position for six months, Robins first tasked was in hiring 15 new employees to work for the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrllos. After hiring the 15 employees, the orientation for new employees was set for June 15. Robins was hoping to have the 15 employee’s working by July. Robins discovers several roadblocks causing the 15 employees from working. Monica contacted Robins to make certain the new trainee’s package will be ready for orientation. Robins assured Monica everything would be ready in time. After Memorial Day, Robins pulled the new employee file to finalize the paper for orientation on June 15. Going through the paperwork, Robins became overwhelmed. He discovers some of the new trainees had incomplete applications or had transcripts on file. He also realizes none of them had been sent to the clinic for a drug screening. After further searching, he notices there are only three orientation manuals and each had several pages missing. Robins decides to check the orientation room when he notices that Joe, form technology services reserved the room for the month of June.
Carl Robins face a short amount of time to correct several key problems. The problem Robins is faced with includes the following: Lack of paperwork, medical examinations, orientation, and time management. Before an employee begins orientation, the missing paperwork needs to be identified,...

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