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ABC Electronics 1. Which concept or concepts is ABC following? Provide justification to your answer. The concepts that ABC is following are highlighted as follows: 1. The selling concept: a. The goal of ABC Company is to sell $15 billion of computers and defenses and consumer electronics. b. ABC Company applied aggressive selling campaign for pushing their utilities. 2. Production Orientation: c. The availability of the product by producing $15 billion of computers and defenses and consumer electronics. d. Lowering selling price of its watches when consumers wanted more fashion and features. 3. The product Orientation: e. Management energies are often focusing on design and manufacturing process on product to produce a high quality product and trust their engineers to design exceptional product. f. Management are not focusing on the customer’s needs, instead they are only focusing on the product and assuming that the customer are will to buy a high quality product. 2. Do you agree with their current strategy, why or Why not? ABC didn’t adapt a good strategy (i.e., don’t agree on their current strategy) which leads to them to failure because of the following reasons: * Failure to listen to market place. * ABC did not adapt its product to meet customer’s demand (i.e., not focusing on customers need). * Unable to develop long term strategy that integrates the resource to design, make and bring product to market. * Unable to develop accurate Marketing Business Plan, particularly in how much money its costs to market a new product (Costing & Pricing). 3. Provide recommendations to ABC Company. Which concept in marketing they should ideally follow. ABC Company should ideally follow the following concepts: * First to apply, the Marketing Orientation: * Conduct

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