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Are footballers paid too much? Football players work hard every day by training long hours every week and they please all the fans and the nation. The time and dedication they put into football is only worth it if they get paid well. Football players are so expensive because they're very rare. Doctors, teachers and nurse’s etc. get paid less because they are more common and there are more than enough of them. Not all are overpaid for. It's mainly the footballers who perform well who get massive bonuses. Clubs who buy football players e.g. Torres- 50 million, Ronaldo- 80 million, have that money to spend due to all the ticket sales from the millions of fans. It is the clubs money anyway; they can spend it however they wish. The amount of money footballers are paid is only on account of the money the generate for the club. Football isn’t just a game anymore; it has turned into a business (all the clubs, cameramen, fans, managers etc.) They all have to work extremely hard to keep it running a lot more than people think. Especially the players themselves who have a 24/7 job. They have to eat properly, train all day, travel all night. The amount of effort put into the football industry is massive. So there must be huge amounts of money involved. Many people say that it is just a game where you kick a ball around for 90 minutes and get £100k. Football players are not being paid for kicking a ball around a pitch. They are being paid to entertain the people, just like musicians and actors. They risk also if they don't perform well on one occasion, they could damage their whole career and let themselves and others (club, media etc.) down. For example, Wayne Rooney is paid £100,000 a week because 74,000 people pay to see him play every week as well as buy his t-shirt and other ways of generating income such as sponsorship. So the only way to determine if a footballer is

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