Abc Accounting In Government Agency Essay

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In today’s highly competitive environment, successful organizations make efficient use of available dollars. Identifying the real costs involved to provide a product or service is critical to achieving efficiency while delivering the most value to the customer at the lowest cost. The use of Activity Based Costing is a powerful tool that provides organizations with a more accurate and realistic measurement of the cost of doing business, which enables management to create better performance goals and effective decisions. This paper will outline the basic services provided by USNS Arctic as an asset of the Military Sealift Support Command (MSFSC) and how to apply Activity Based Costing to make efficient use of available funding. The scope of operations conducted by MSFSC and specifically by the USNS Arctic is complicated, far reaching and by military necessity confidential and proprietary. The focus of this paper is upon one single element of the vessels operation, namely delivery of palletized cargo to naval customers at sea. Military Sealift Command’s (MSC) division, Military Sealift Fleet Support Command (MSFSC) is a sub component of the United States Navy under the Department of Defense. MSC’s mission is “to provide ocean transportation of equipment, fuel, supplies and ammunition to sustain U.S. forces worldwide during peacetime and in war for as long as operational requirements dictate” . An essential component of that mission is the role of combat logistics force vessels which re-supply U.S. and coalition warships with palletized cargo at sea using specialized connected replenishment techniques or vertical replenishment techniques using onboard helicopters. As part of MSFSC’s combat logistic force, the USNS Arctic is a fast ship, designed to operate as part of an aircraft carrier strike group, carrying fuel, ammunition, repair parts and a variety of

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