Abc 3 Essay

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Since the Strategy and the Structure of the business are defined, it is important to have the right people and the right incentives, that are part of the Behaviour of a company, in accordance with these factors in order to reach the organisation’s destination (Soyref 2012). And, the right people for a certain company are those people that are familiar with the organization culture. According to Linstead, Fulop and Lilley (2009), an organization culture is formed when the organization’s members share beliefs and expectations which produce norms that shape the behaviour of the people in the organization. The sharing of beliefs and expectations also lead the employees to a pattern of what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in the company(Blakely 2012). And, according to Dion (1996), many organizational beliefs can be found in corporate codes of ethics. Ethics is concerned about what is wrong and right behaviour (Blakely 2012). According to Duska (2007), in most of the times, unethical behaviour has a negative effect on the business. There are many ethical business issues that can harm the image of the organization in the long run, but deciding what is ethical can be difficult as there are different perspectives when ethical dilemmas are faced (Blakely 2012). Organizational Culture is also related to how organizations engage with their people. According to Soyref (2012), one of the key resources a business has is the human capital, so it is important that the organizations attract and keep the right people, actions that are underpinned by the organization’s culture. In order to keep the right people and avoid the costs of recruiting and training new workers and also the costs of retaining employees who are disengaged, it is important to motivate the company’s human capital(Nickels, McHugh and McHugh 2010). According to Ryan and Deci (2000), a person is
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