Abalard and Heloise Essay

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Abelard and Heloise During the middle ages, Western Europe advanced in social organization, technology, and education. The church inspired several dominant ideals which were motivated by the Christian faith. The church controlled everything and everyone, and was the dominant force of the time. The church governed marriage and sex. Christianity was the matrix of medieval life. Everyone was affected by these ideals, but not everyone lived up to these ideals. From the documentary, Inside the Medieval Mind, the church relied on fear and shame to control people. Sex is considered filthy in the Medieval Times, where virginity was the highest virtue. Women were thought of as Satan’s bait and poison for the souls of men. For the act of lusting people from the twelfth century thought they’d be destroyed by God. Women were thought of as the devil’s gateway; after all it was “Eve” who disobeyed God and persuaded Adam to eat the apple. The church was offended by the idea of sexual pleasure. It policed sex and had confession manuals. The church had the authority to restrict love making with one’s own wife. If you were passionate to your wife, that was considered to be adulterous. Also, the church regulated where, when, and with whom sex could take place. Good Lord! If you broke the rules, you would more than likely be whipped. You could be condemned for adultery just on a suspicion. John Warren and Alan Lancer were beaten three times around church for fornication. The priests and clergy from the church committed sin by having affairs and visiting prostitutes in public bath houses. Alice was condemned of having fornication with Thomas, a “priest”. Her penance was to be beaten twelve times naked around the market and twelve more times around the church naked, while the priest was given no punishment. What hypocrites! A new light was shed with the love story of Abelard, the

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