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Meursault: What Type of Hero Really is He? In this world there are three types of hero’s a tragic hero, a hero and an absurd hero. Hero a central character who usually possesses a commitment to duty, perseverance, and courage; he may risk his life for the greater good. Tragic hero’s a central character who acquires nobility or wisdom, a tragic flaw, often related to pride or excess in behavior, mistakes, reversal of fortune brought about by the hero’s own mistake and acknowledges his mistakes leading to the reversal of fortune. In Albert Camus novel, The Stranger Meursault is the world’s typical absurd hero. While some may say that Meursault is a hero or a tragic hero in reality he’s an absurd hero, a protagonist who recognizes life is pointless, endless and tiresomely long, still embraces the worlds indifference to him and his punishment for his mistakes. Often readers classify Meursault as a hero or a tragic hero but they’ve misread Meursault's true inner character. Meursault is mentally detached from the world around him. Events in life that would be very significant for most people don’t matter to him in an emotional matter. He has simply accepted that life is pointless, endless and tiresomely long, he has no sense of commitment to duty and doesn’t acquire nobility or wisdom. Meursault accepts his indifference to the world and challenges society’s traditional and life morals, that imply that one should grieve over death, show emotion and not kill. Because Meursault does not grieve and kills, society sees him as an outsider, a threat, even a monster but like the absurd hero that he is he embraces his fate and punishment tragic hero’s and plan old hero’s don’t hold those traits. In the first two chapters when Meursault shows the way he deals with the death of his mom and Maria his “girlfriend” Meursault is an absurd hero because he shows traits of a

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