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Managing Systems & People in the Accounting Environment Recommendations for the improvement of recording cash receipts By Elena Irina Papuc Date: 12/02/09 AAT Level 4 – Unit 10 INDEX Page 1. Terms of reference 3 2. Executive / Management Summary 3 3. Methodology 4 4. Introduction 5 5. Analysis and Evaluation of Current System 6 6. Recommendations 7 7. Cost Benefit Analysis 8 8. Appendices 9 9. Manager’s Authenticity 10 10. Mapping to AAT Student Record by Paragraph Number 11 1. Terms of Reference 1.1 This project has been prepared to cover the requirements of Unit 10, Managing Systems and people in the Accounting Environment of the Technical Stage for the Association of Accounting Technicians… 1.2 The report looks at improving the effectiveness and efficiency to procedure/process of cash receipts for Premier Office Supplies Ltd. 1.3 In order to achieve an accurate understanding of the current process, a planned investigation of the current process will be completed. 2. Methodology 2.1 The diary of events has been monitored for a period of time commencing September/ October 2004. 2.2 I acknowledge, with thanks, the guidance that Jean Scott (Lecturer) she helped me giving me guidance . 3. Executive Summary 3.1 Unit 10 of the Association of Accounting Technicians, Level 4 qualification is an investigation of managing systems and people in the accounting environment. 3.2 In order to formulate an effective action plan….. 3.3 I researched the current processes in place and decided to focus my investigations on the following are; 3.4 This report will summarize the outcomes of the above investigation. It

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