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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Focus on Thinking Questions Chapters 1-5 Answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Be sure to provide textual support (quotes with page numbers) for your responses. Chapter 1 1. How old do you think the narrator is when she tells us the story? List phrases from the chapter that help you arrive at this conclusion. 2. Atticus tells Scout that there are "other ways [besides chaining them to beds] of making people into ghosts." What does he mean by ghosts? What "ways" might he have in mind? List several. 3. Given what you know of Maycomb and of the Radley family, why don't the Radleys seem to fit in? How might Maycomb itself be responsible for the Radleys' strangeness? 4. Review the information about Dill. What kind of person is he? List several of your conclusions. What do you know about his background that might account for these aspects of his character? Chapter 2 1. Given Miss Fisher's first activity with the first-graders (reading about the cat family), what is ironic about her reprimand to Scout: "Let's not let our imaginations run away with us, dear"? 2. What do the "errors" Scout commits the first day have in common with one another? What does this tell you about Scout's first six years of life? 3. What do you think this sentence means: "If he held his mouth right, Mr. Cunningham could get a WPA job"? (You may have to look up WPA.) What larger issue must a person consider when taking charity in any form? Chapter 3 1. When Scout questions Walter's table manners, you learn something about Calpurnia and about her place in the family. What do you learn? Why might this surprise some citizens of Maycomb? (Over, please) To Kill a Mockingbird: Focus on Thinking Questions, Chapters 1-5 Page 2 2. What character traits have you noticed that are likely to make Scout's life

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