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Title Uniaxial Compression Test using Strain Gauge Objective To understand and investigate the mechanical properties of an Aluminum alloy using strain gauge in compression test. Introduction Apparatus Procedures Startup Procedure 1. The cylindrical Aluminum alloy test specimen piece was put on the Universal Compression Tester together with a rigid spacer. They were placed in the center of the pressure plates of the machine. 2. The wires of which the strain gauge attached / cemented on the cylindrical Aluminum alloy are make sure facing the front and the wire connected to the strain gauge wass not tangled with the machinery. 3. The gap between the pressure plates were closed until they platforms are touching while the gauge on the compression tester indicates 0 kN. 4. The PC was switched on and connected the DBU-120A unit to the PC with the USB cable. 5. The green LEDs for ‘POWER’ and ‘MASTER’ were ensured is on. 6. The 2 wired leads of the strain gauge were installed with each lead attached to terminal 1 and 3 of the DBU-120A unit. Setting Program Software 1. From the Windows menu “Start” – “All Programs” – “DBU-120A”, “measurement” selected and clicked. Then the application program for measurement will boot up. 2. The green ID lamp was ensured light up below the section “DB0”. 3. The ‘Save Condition File’ was selected and saved the filename of your group name under your group’s own folder. Then clicked ‘ok’. 4. The ‘Set Recording Data File’ was selected and saved the filename of your group name. Then clicked ‘ok’. 5. The ‘Balance’ icon selected and ‘ok’ cliecked. Subsequently, click ‘ok’ on the following pop-up window. 6. Ensure the graph setting is set to ‘Y-time 1 Graph’ (Located beside the ‘Set Recording Data File’) and click ‘Change Display’ icon. 7. The ‘X-axis’ and ‘Y-axis’ icons on the

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