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LISTENING Test 1: Gap-fill: worked; earned; hours; abroad; stopped; after; training; favorite; really; holidays. Test 2: Gap-fill: favorite; ages; found; university; graduate; languages; journalist; career; polited; experiences. Test 3: Gap-fill: idea; great; enjoy; studying; course; prefer; choose; look; college; shorter. Test 4: Gap-fill: cute; moved; surf; enjoying; shape; involves; fell; wrong; really; major. Test 5: Gap-fill: really; active; health; surfs; guitar; hate; surfing; also; places; nature. Test 6: Gap-fill: professions; example; medical; most; homemaker; takes; volunteers; required; paid; law. Test 7: Gap-fill: changing; scared; envious; started; pretty; breakthrough; communicate; proud; impossible; taking. Test 8: Gap-fill: guess; share; awards; prizes; surprised; top; much; treating; kids; outgoing. READING Text 1: Education in North America and Asia Gap-fill: cultural; individualism; form; contrast; culture; goals; traditions; assignments; methods; lectures. Text 2: Consumerism and the Human Brain Gap-fill: consumers; cosume; economy; access; items; identical; consume; targeting; advertisers; logic Text 3: The popularity… Gap-fill: survive; influenced; trend; suddenly; invest; opened; profits; slang; enthutiastic; expensive. Text 4: Elephants… Gap-fill: mammals; to; genders; through; species; subjects; gestures; behavior; elephant; how. Text 5: Workaholism Gap-fill: century; to; enjoy; leisure; these; love; successful; are; time; away. Text 6: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT Gap-fill: as; that; on; who; attention; serving; food; dishes; customers; of. Text 7: Volunteering… Gap-fill: paying; can; travel; fee; agrees; on; money; country; way; expensive. Text 8: Traveling… Gap-fill:

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