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AA Meeting. Alcoholic Anonymous is a worldwide movement whose key objective is to stay sober and assist alcoholics to stay sober. It was formed in nineteen thirty five by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson in Ohio. Together with other members, they came up with AA’s meeting program which had twelve steps for the development of character and spirit. Its twelve traditions were first launched in nineteen forty six, to ensure the movement progress and stay in solidarity. According to the traditions, groups and members identity should be unknown in public media, and assist other alcoholics who wish to quit alcoholism. In the real sense, no one wishes to go their initial AA meeting. Often, this experience is shameful, and of sheer despair. Most of the beginners do so reluctantly, may be because they have promised somebody to go, or as a result of a court order, an employer or a doctor. Most dread the services that AA provides, and eventually wish they were doing something different. My first AA meeting was in one of the churches on a weekend at 2:00 Pm in the afternoon. The venue was a church ground and there were twenty people who attended including myself. Among them, were eight women and twelve men. The average age of those who attended was approximately between thirty five and fifty five, with six people being under twenty five years of age and only two above sixty five years. This being my first time, I expected to get into a room full of smoke and nervous funny people. This impression was due to a program I watched and my experience of people with mental illnesses. Against my expectations, the people I found were normal from the look that, I would not suspect any suffering an addiction. Surprisingly, they were quiet, cool, and quite a good number seemed depressed. In the meeting, people were facing each other in a circle. There was this gentleman, who was tall, and

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