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Informative Speech The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and their services. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the origination and services of the ASPCA. INTRODUCTION I. Picture this, you walk out your front door and you see a large bear wandering down your street. He is knocking over trash cans and going through the trash that has fallen out. He looks up and sees you. He stands on his back legs and makes a loud growling noise as he drops to all fours and starts rushing in your direction. Would you know what to do? II. Today we will look at the development, the guiding principles and the services of the ASPCA, and their main three areas…show more content…
IV. I have read literature, magazine articles and watched news clips about The ASPCA. I have always been surrounded by animals of many types, throughout my life. V. To get a better understanding of the ASPCA it is important to know; first, their history, second, what their mission is and their guiding principles and third, what services they provide. [Transition: I will start by telling you about their founder and the beginning the ASPCA.] BODY I. The ASPCA was founded by Henry Bergh in 1866, ASPCA.ORG. A. He was a Unitarian that saw the mistreatment of animals as a form of suffering and injustice, as noted in “Henry Bergh ‘The Great Meddler’” By John Gibb Millspaugh. 1. While in Spain he witnessed patrons of a bullfight event get excited over the spearing of the bull. 2. In America he witnessed cock fights and investigated slaughterhouses. B. On February 6, 1866, Bergh went to a meeting in New York at Clinton Hall to ask that animals be treated with dignity. ("Regarding Henry": A "Bergh's-eye" View of 148 Years at the…show more content…
2. Adoption Center and Veterinary Outreach provides assistance in finding good homes for as many animals as possible and provide medicin and medical care to shelter animals. 3. ASPCA ProLearning transfers knowledge between all of the Outreach and ASPCA Sub-groups. CONCLUSION I. First we learned how the ASPCA was founded. Second we learned what the guiding principles of the ASPCA are. Finally we learned what services the ASPCA provide. 2. Let’s go back to the bear that I told you about in the beginning. You saw him and he saw you. He is on all four paws hurrying in your direction. What do you do? You find a safe place and call 911 and let them know what is occurring and tell them that the ASPCA should be notified. Later you find out that the bear was tame and just as scared as you were. This happened to my neighbor Tiffany Munday, in California. The bear was only one block away from his home and his owner believed that Tiffany was the first human that he saw and got excited in a good way. Tiffany visits Ted every weekend now. Not all animals are what

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