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Natalie Tager, LFGSM Assignment # 1 Competency Paper The goal for MBA programs frequently implies that schools are focused on creating leaders. Lake Forest Graduate School of Management uses the tagline “Broad Thinkers/ Strong Leaders”. What does it mean? Do we come here as broad thinkers? Will we graduate as strong leaders? Will we learn about our own strengths and weaknesses or will we study how to develop the skills we actually need to lead people? As an executive assistant, I’ve learned that the first motto in leadership development is…show more content…
So, being a bad listener, I am a good communicator and I have a really good ability to convince people to do something. As future leaders, we have to do a lot. We should inspire. We should mediate. We should decide. We should direct. And we have to do countless other things as part of a day's work. Along with all of this, however, we have another job--one that is sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle--that is always part of what we are doing. That job is influencing other people. And there are many technics, how you can ask people to do, what you like – from simple smile to persuasive speech. The question is: “Which one works now?” In this case, you have to turn on your intuition, use your own experience and practice your strategic planning skills, which I could name my second…show more content…
Being a journalist my whole life, I’ve never thought that one day I’ve got a feeling I’m stuck in my career and would want to change it completely. Now going from writing to statistics, I’m trying to develop the analytical and management skills, necessary to achieve my ultimate career goal of money management. Not having any statistic lessons in the past, I spend a lot of time, trying to overview the accounting principles to build my quantitative skills now. Instead of watching TV or reading bestsellers, I study how to view numerical data and interpret it appropriately. And this is my strong issue: future leader has to develop familiarity with financial management principles, which are at the core of any successful business. And it’s really hard for me, but I think it’s more an excuse for my lazy brains, than a real fear factor. We can do everything, even impossible, if we have enough obstinacy. And here is my third advantage. I’m very stubborn person, but in a good way. I have an ability to make and implement the decision. I never leave the project unfinished. It has to be perfectly done and it’s not over, until I

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