AMHCA History

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Main Discussion Post: WWII, Community Mental Health Centers Act and AMHCA Three historical events that have had a significant effect on the development of the counseling profession include World War II, the Community Mental Health Centers Act and the development and role of the American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA). World War II impacted the development of the counseling profession by significantly increasing public awareness of widespread mental illness and highlighting a need for mental health care. Along with the use of psychological testing, the successful treatment of servicemen with post-traumatic stress disorder by mental health professionals led to the ratification of the National Mental Health Act; this legislation…show more content…
Most significantly, the AMHCA fundamentally organized and established licensure and accreditation standards for the field of mental health counseling; this in turn provided a clear professional identity and due recognition for mental health counselors (Colangelo, 2009). The AMHCA advanced the development of mental health counseling into the reputable, core mental health profession it is today. Overall, these historical events highlighted a need for the counseling profession, defined the role and setting of mental health counselors, and provided credibility and a sense of identity for mental health professionals. The counseling profession will undoubtedly experience significant change and growth in the years to come. Specifically, the increased use and reliance upon technology in society may impact the delivery method and counseling setting, resulting in a significant rise in online or distance counseling (Erford, 2010). Also, with our population becoming increasingly diverse, it is essential to reorganize current theories and techniques which would allow more diverse populations to reap the benefits of counseling (Erford, 2010). The mental health counseling profession will certainly continue to develop and progress and the future possibilities are endless and
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